5 Ways to Take Up Space and Advocate for Self This Week

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A true story about self advocacy:

Typically in our business, 90% of the people I am working with and connecting with on a daily basis are women.

In the last 5 months or so, during this pregnancy, between some of the new teams I have been brought onto and new client connections, I’ve found myself working with and surrounded by a lot of men. 

I’ve been so impressed by the level of compassion and respect I have been met with when I have openly shared about my extreme pregnancy systems, and in typical Krista fashion, I haven’t held back. 

Often times, I am the only female on the call… and just last week I had to ask to move a call due to my morning sickness. It took me a couple of months of suffering through this 9am call before it got bad enough to speak up and say something.

I had to ask 7 men to change their schedule for me and guess what: it was a non issue.

I have also noticed on these call no one has any trouble with asking for what they need, whether it is financial, rescheduling a meeting, or asking for clarification on a project….

This energy has been super empowering and has contributed to bringing this theme of SELF ADVOCACY front and center for me.

It really culminated last week when I was on with a client, we’ve been working on a rebrand / price increase for his offerings. He is confidently charging significantly more than many of my female clients for the same exact services.

Not only that, he requires nonrefundable deposits and was discussing billable hours with ease – something my female clients (myself included) struggle with regularly.

So on our next team call, I suggested we start implementing deposits and late fees right away—  and when I suggested it to a female client, she said it felt scary but she’s known for a while it was what she needs to do.


This pregnancy has brought up a lot for me and the biggest theme of all across the board within my family, friends, doctors and colleagues has been self advocacy.

This has meant canceling calls at the last minute and plans I’ve had for months.

It’s meant asking my doctor and doula all of my questions without worrying if I am keeping them too long.

And again, I’ve been met with nothing but compassion and respect.

I have 2 close friends right now on this journey with me, both who are badass businesswomen, and trust me when I say, the companies they work for are lucky to have them. These companies are also brands you would assume have an incredibly supportive culture for women’s health.

They are both afraid to tell their jobs/teams about their current situation.

I am shook.

We have to do better.

This is my prayer for you this week: take up space.

Ask for what you need, share what you are going through, move the call, require a deposit, set the boundary.

Please do not be afraid to inconvenience someone else, at the cost of your mental health and well being.

I think you will be amazed at how people respond when given the chance. The future of business is here and it is time to make it ours.

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