...the business basics we wish we learned in school

with Authentic Audience

Join us live June 1st at 4pm PST for a FREE Workshop:


with Authentic Audience


...the business basics we wish we learned in school

Join us live June 1st at 4pm PST for a FREE Workshop:


a live 90 minute session with the Authentic Audience Ladies to help you:

✔️ Clear overwhelm from wearing too many hats & get focused on what really matters in your business.
✔️ Clarify your process / structure for the 3 key areas of business.
✔️ Up-level your growth mindset and drop into your intuition.
✔️ Improve your brand look, feel and external flow.
✔️ Track your finances and organize your internal flow.
✔️ Learn about new Summer School Program & how we can support your biz.

A message from your teachers...

I don’t know about you but we love learning about business. Often times we find ourselves asking, “How are we just learning this now?!" or "Why wasn't this covered in school?!"

The thing is though, what we are really looking for now didn't exist 10+  years ago... Business has evolved and it’s time to focus on the foundational elements of business that really matter in 2022. 

This summer we are hosting our first Authentic Audience Summer School and to kick things off you are invited to our Back To School Night for FREE. As always, we're bringing it. Scroll for deets. 

Let’s learn together. 

These ladies are top notch in their industry!
They have a pulse of what works in the field of digital marketing and are Authentic, organized and bold in the delivery of what they implement. I highly recommend the services of Authentic Audience.

Angela DeSalvo

intuitive life coach

Strategic &
Intuitive Business 

+ Our signature strategy & method to identify your success metrics and hit your goals every time
+ The power of your intuition and connecting to your business
+ Balancing structure & flow in your business
+ Nurturing your people and building real community with your customers

with Krista Ripma

We're covering:

marketing expert, business coach & Founder of Authentic Audience

Look, Feel & Flow (external)

+ Our favorite tools to help you stand out in your niche
+ How to create a beautiful, clean and replicable client-facing experience that will connect your people deeper to the value of your business
+ The top 3 automations that will impress and retain your clients
+ Tapping into your creative access point to boost your creative confidence

with Christa Quattrocchi

head of creative at authentic audience

Bookkeeping & Organization (internal)

+ Bookkeeping basics & why tracking your finances is important
+ Processes and improving your internal biz structure
+ The value of automation: what you can automated right now to get your time back in your business

with Katy Annulli 

Head of operations at Authentic Audience


A sneak peek at our new
Summer School Program.

All registrants will receive VIP access to our new program, additional bonuses and will be entered to win our live cash giveaway!

Ready to grow?

Take the class. Just take the class. Follow the instructions and your business will thrive.
It's a guarantee.

- Tiffany Williams


Get ready to channel your inner student. 

Join us live June 1st at 4pm PST for our FREE Live Workshop:
Back to School Night.
Live attendees will receive priority access to our new summer program and live giveaways! Replay will be available to registrants only. 

Let's go back to school!