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The Badass Biz Babes Hub

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The Badass Biz Babes Hub is an all-in-one workspace for everything you do. This Notion dashboard is packed with 50+ fully-customizable templates so you can add your flare and personalize based on your needs.

Discover the power of Notion's integrations that bring essential tools to your fingertips. Make edits to Google Docs, embed meeting recordings, videos, Asana™️ tasks, your fave Spotify playlists, and SO MUCH MORE right in The Badass Biz Babes Hub.

the days of searching through notebooks and emails for your ideas, tasks and self-help tools are over.

your productivity should have a home base.

less time digging for docs, tasks & contacts

Everything you do has a home in the hub. From a dynamic note taking system to the power of embedding, all your assets are at your fingertips.

easily track the status of your projects, goals & habits

Who you are is what you do, across all areas of life. Stay on track with easy-to-use templates for everything between setting & hitting your goals.

no more monthly subscription fees for staying organized

Kiss goodbye the recurring cost of your project management tools. Pay once and get lifetime access to the Badass Biz Babes Hub.

wow your clients

The new way to keep track of your beloved clients.
Our templates include:
+ Client-facing dashboards to share important documents & co-manage projects
+ Intake and waiver forms 
+ A Client contact list for easy access to contact info
+ A dynamic note-taking system to keep track of client details

a jolt for your growth.

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STAY in flow

Master project management with our dynamic, easy-to-use task management system.
You'll be equipped with the power to:
+ Dynamically populate projects from your Master Calendar into your task management system
+ View your projects & tasks by key dates to get & stay ahead of deadlines
+ Create a birds eye view of your weekly priorities
+ Sync your task system with Asana™️

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take a hold of your financial power.

Money Management Resources include:
+ Track your financial goals & habits
+ Katy's Forecasting Spreadsheet Template
+ Katy's Budgeting Spreadsheet Template
+ Katy's Bookkeeping Basics Workbook & Checklist

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plan content like a boss

Get clear on the message you put out into the world with tools to:
+ Define your content pillars
+ Brainstorm ideas for future pieces
+ Stay on track with a dynamic Content Calendar and Launch Plan checklist for everything you publish







your personal journey is part of your business

align your plans with the stars with our astrology calendar & planner

weekly body, spirit & business check ins to keep your intentions top of mind.

reflect & set intentions with impactful affirmations and journal prompts.


a self-care tracker that holds you accountable for resting to avoid burnout.

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When I first started at Authentic Audience in the Spring of 2021, I was spinning my wheels trying to get Krista to use a project management tool to stay organized. Nothing was sticking.
Until I found Notion. I created an entire system for our team that made organization, project management, delegation and sharing info a breeze. It was so epic that it convinced Krista to go ALL IN.

I created the Badass Biz Babes Hub with the help of my team, to share the life-changing workspace that converted even the most resistant to project management dashboards. This is a space for you to personalize organization in life & biz to your style and needs.

I can't wait to see how you make it yours.

You're more capable of staying organized than you think you are. But if you're anything like us, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to create a system for you that works.

Christa Q

The Hub lives in your personal Workspace for quick access & customization.

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Includes quick tutorial videos to get you grooving in your new digital haven.

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Designed for daily use so you can manage as much of your life as you'd like in one place.

streamline your life

How it works

imagine your notes organizing themselves...

“I was allergic to and strongly against task management tools until Christa introduced me to Notion and her BBB Hub. I can honestly say, I love it. This is next level and now I can’t work without it. She’s thought of everything. This is such a gift to entrepreneurs and I am so excited for you to have it!”

-krista ripma,
founder of authentic audience

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our entire customizable dashboard of
more than 50 templates

get instant access for:

pay once and
get lifetime access to

dynamic task & project management system

content planning and publishing tools to keep you on track

client dashboard for easy internal & external management

an organized and automated note-taking system that drops your notes where you need them

our self-care checklist and  guided meditation with christa q

money management templates to plan and track your financial goals & habits

badass biz babes spotify playlist to jam out to + our fave resources

regularly updated journal prompts, affirmations & astrological events

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