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The Marketing Mastery Course Library 
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PLUS! Monthly Challenges & Prizes!

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If you are reading this right now, chances are it feels as if your business found you. You listened to your calling to create, pursue, launch, heal and serve your customers and clients and you are amazing at what you do.

Now you have found yourself with a business... but there's one small break in the flow... You don't really know how to run a business.

Welcome to entrepreneurship. 

Most of us visionaries do not have degrees in business, finance, accounting, marketing, etc... but to have a successful, sustainable and scalable business, there are some business basics that are required if we want to grow and play in an elevated space.

This is our offering for the badass business owners out there who are ready to implement real business solutions to improve and your workflow but not quite sure where to start.

Start here with us.

Welcome from Krista

Krista Ripma

Marketing Expert, Business Coach, Entrepreneur & Witchy Mama

Inside the Membership:

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course library

 $5k worth of dynamic marketing courses, curated to equip you with essential business fundamentals and our coveted signature growth methods. Set your biz up for success as you master the strategies that truly work.

quarterly business review CALLS

Join Krista's exclusive live sessions for 90 minutes of focused business strategy. We'll identify specific success metrics and create a clear strategy so you'll walk away with a personalized action plan that will drive your business forward.

monthly private podcast

Krista & Thea, entreprenuers, founders and biz experts will sit down each month to discuss important business themes and curate honest and in depth episodes based on your feedback & specific questions. 

private connection forum

A safe space to drop in with likeminded entrepreneurs, to connect off of social media, with intention to  to share your stories, build you network and work alongside as you build your business ecosystem and community.

group accountability

Each month, as a group, we will be working with a specific theme & business principal, with a chance to share your ideas, cross pollinate your audiences, and network with your future clients.  

Send us your specific business questions and offers for feedback throughout the month and we will answer your questions at the end of each month's podcast episode. Get our eyes on your business. πŸ‘€

expert support

Monthly co-working sessions 

As part of the Collective, you'll get access to bi-weekly co-working sessions - hosted by our dear friend and  community manager, Cori Orak. Join us for support with group accountability with that project you've been avoiding, connection with others, productivity sessions, and more!

PLUS! Monthly challenges & PRIZES πŸŽ‰

Each month, we will have a fun challenge inside the community to support you in growing your biz, connecting with one another, and shifting your mindset. Winners will receive 1:1 sessions with us, self-care bundles, VIP access and discounts on new offerings, and of course cash money, honey. πŸ’Έ

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 "An amazing collaboration, a phenomenal program, worth every penny and then some! I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone involved in business!"

- Angela

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"Take the class. Just take the class, follow the instructions and your business will thrive. It's a guarantee."

- Tiffany

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There's a ton of programs out there that can teach you marketing, but the way that Authentic Audience crafts courses is the reason I have hope for the future of business."

- Stassi

Included in the Marketing Mastery  

Welcome from Krista

Inside the Membership:


up-level your biz bundle 

course details

a la carte Value

list build ACADEMY 

Course name




course library

90 Day launch Guide

You have something amazing to launch into the world. Here are my strategies, templates & tools to make your next launch (and all future launches) a success!


A complete course curriculum to teach you the basics of marketing online effectively so you can move forward with confidence in your online marketing strategy.

Our detailed blueprint to create your authentic, high converting offer and launch your email list build campaign & a step-by-step series to predictable growth with paid ads.

Featuring our signature courses led by our team of marketing Queens, Krista, Christa & Katy. Includes Marketing Mindset, Up-Level Your Aesthetic and Budgeting Basics. 

up-level your
biz bundle 

Inside the Marketing


a la carte Value:



a la carte Value:


a la carte Value:


a la carte Value:

authentic selling bootcamp

Grow your reach & revenue while maintaining your authentic voice. Including six weeks of marketing & sales mentorship.


a la carte Value:







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You'll also receive instant access to:

The Online Successful Business Bundle

Business Babes Hub

Notion dashboard

$288 value

$144 valUe

  • Must have finance checklists
  • Spreadsheets for financial tracking 
  • Elevate Your Business Workbook
  • Elevate Your Work Day  Private Podcast
  • Journal Prompts for Success Mindset 
  •  iPhone Wallpaper Affirmations
  • Playlist & Reading List 

  • Business Operations Essentials
  • Streamlined Task Management System
  • Gorgeous Sharable Client Dashboards
  • Consistent Content Roadmapping
  • Money Management + Mindset Support

online biz optimization Strategy




So how much does it cost?

When you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to:

  • List Build Academy: Activate + Captivate ( value $288)
  • 90 Day Launch Guide (value $44) 
  • Up-Level Your Business Mini Course (value $288)
  • Marketing Fundamentals (value $288)
  • Authentic Selling Bootcamp (Value $297)
  • Badass Babes Business Notion Hub (value $144)
  • The Online Successful Business Bundle (value $288)
  • 90 Min Quarterly Business Review Calls (value $500)
  • Private Podcast & Q+A (value:INFINITE)
  • Exclusive access to our private business community & marketing experts (value:PRICELESS)

The Authentic Business Collective is designed to support entrepreneurs at any stage of their business journey. We meet you where you are, providing expert support for building, launching, and scaling your vision, big or small.

Unleash your business potential with us for only… 


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Entrepreneurship can feel lonely.

Your private podcast hosts 

  • Founder of Authentic Audience 
  • Podcast Host 250,000+ downloads
  • Business Retreat Host
  • Marketing Strategist, Business Coach, Speaker, Writer & Witchy Mamma

Krista Ripma

Thea Wayne

  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Founded and scaled a cannabis company to doing 1M in revenue
  • Generated 150k+ followers and 20m+ views on TikTok
  • Passionate animal mom and traveller

& biz 'therapists'

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