Ep 123: A Soulful Approach to IVF with Lisa White

Lisa White is an IVF coach and the author of Hold On, Baby! A Soulful Guide to Riding the Ups and Downs of Infertility and IVF. She’s also a mother and the creator of The IVF Soul Align Method. Today, Lisa shares her story of struggling to conceive and explains how her own experience of infertility and IVF inspired her to support and empower other women through their IVF journeys and help them transition into motherhood with more confidence, peace, and ease.

Links from Episode:

Lisa’s Instagram: @ivf.manifesting.a.miracle

Lisa’s Website: ivfmanifestingamiracle.com

Lisa’s Book: amazon.com/dp/B0887WHXFS?tag=ivfmam-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1

Lisa’s YouTube Channel: youtube.com/channel/UCCGzTlAV-H2SfuPbhJO5DSA/featured

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