How to Think Like a Great Investor (As a Small Business Owner)

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I know this has been a really intense season for so many of us. I personally have had to make some really hard and big decisions and feel as if I have learned more in this season that maybe any other season of my life so far.

One of the biggest lessons I am currently learning is how to think more like an investor, a great investor.

My husband Clay is at a really exciting and pivotal place in his business, Vestmap, where he is speaking with investors every single day… and we have learned A LOT.

Last week he was speaking with a friend and brilliant investor, and he told Clay that for the last 800 deal flows that came across his desk, he invested in 2 of them.

This means he said no to 798 deals. 🤯

The power of discernment.

For the last 6 months, this pregnancy has forced me to say no more than ever before. And this has allowed me to prioritize my life in a brand new way and say yes to a small percentage of opportunities, projects and clients that come my way.

In many ways, I feel more purposeful, in alignment, and free than ever before.

But as a female and a small business owner, saying yes to the people, projects and opportunities that don’t fill me up has been a huge energy suck, and learning how to say no hasn’t been easy. 

I realized that I have been investing my time, money and energy in WAY too many places. I have not been thinking like a great investor.

Saying no 99% of the time… Can you imagine? I couldn’t until these past few months, but only because I was left with no choice because I was too sick.

But we do have a choice. 

In every “deal flow” that comes across our desk or into our life… we have the power to say no. 

No to the free call, no to the friend who wants to come visit, no to the project or client that doesn’t value your gifts or feel in alignment. 

No to the investment that won’t provide us with a positive return.

By practicing this, we are saying YES to the things that bring us purpose, financial health, and freedom. And we are taking control of the daily investments we are making in our lives and futures.

My question for you is this:

Where can you be more discerning with your investments?

The f**k yes opportunities that come from getting more focused, more discerning, and more protective of your time, money and energy are already yours.

Let’s invest wisely.

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