It's a Podcast, but it's also                     

Each episode is jam packed with information, value and love to support you and your growing business. With Krista as the host, nothing is off limits. This podcast offers a raw and vulnerable look at the ins and outs of business, spirituality, relationships, mental health and now motherhood. Get ready to get real & keep growing.

The authentic audience podcast

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It's a Podcast,
but it's also 

The Authentic Audience podcast gives you insight into growing your business and inspiration to answer the calling. May the spirit of your business find nourishment here. 

How to Market Your Dharma

Meet Inspiring Business Owners & Thought Leaders 

Conversations with business owners, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who have built a business authentically doing what they love. Our guests are sure to inspire you to reach for the next growth edge in your business. 

what you'll learn here: 

How to Show-up on Social Media Authentically

The Authentic Audience will help you gain real followers and loyal customers. Each episode is sure to remind you the power of storytelling and truth selling. 

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