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If you buy just one thing to up-level your marketing game, make it Leadpages! It’s worth every penny and my most highly recommended marketing tool on this list. Leadpages is our secret weapon when it comes to marketing. We use it for literally everything. These mini-websites sell just one thing, and are great for creating free offers, online course landing pages, opt in pages, lead generation campaigns & more. What I like most about Leadpages is that it integrates with EVERYTHING super easily. You can even create your entire website on Leadpages, eliminating the need to pay for one of our recommended website builders below. And it’s really cheap. 


Along with Podia, Kajabi is the other course platform we love and recommend. Kajabi is the most powerful, most expensive and most full-featured course platform out there. You can run your business on nothing but Kajabi as it can replace your email marketing, landing pages, affiliate tracker, course platform and checkout software. Kajabi takes a lot longer and will cost a lot more money than Podia to create an online course, but you also get all the bells and whistles that Podia doesn't have. Kajabi also lets you fully customize the look and feel. The flip side of customizability is that it takes longer and requires some design skills. Get a 30 day free trial exclusively through Authentic Audience’s affiliate link!


Podia is the best course hosting platform. We’ve used just about every product out there, and we think Podia is the easiest to set up, easiest to use, and provides your customers with the best experience. It’s also one of the cheapest on the market. It has everything you need, nothing you don’t and you can get set up and selling courses in literally under an hour. The designs look great, it’s easy for your customers to use and just generally a great product. Their support is really good too! If you sell courses, you should be on Podia. If you need a more customizable course platform than what you can build on Podia, check out Kajabi. 


ActiveCampaign is the email marketing software that we use at Authentic Audience. It has powerful automation tools so you can get advanced with clever marketing strategies if you want - but is also easy to use. The best feature of ActiveCampaign is the ease with which you can build automations into your marketing campaigns. The main reason we DON’T recommend Mailchimp is that the automations are not intuitive, not all that powerful and don’t work very well. (also the email builder in Mailchimp is a pain).

Convert Kit

If you want a simpler (and less expensive) alternative to ActiveCampaign for your email marketing, Convert Kit is for you. While it lacks some of the super advanced features for marketing automation of ActiveCampaign, chances are you probably don’t need any of that stuff anyway. We have used (literally) every email marketing product on the market, and ConvertKit is the easiest to use by far. Their automation tools are excellent, easy to use and work out of the box with just about every service out there. If you’re currently on Mailchimp SWITCH TO CONVERT KIT RIGHT NOW. It’s so much better. They’ll even switch you for free. (Have you noticed yet that we detest Mailchimp? 😂)


Canva is another secret weapon of marketing. It makes creating social graphics, slides, ads & more super easy. It’s like if photoshop was actually easy to use 😂😂  It comes with tons of pre-made templates and is generally just an awesome platform. We use it every day!

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Highly Recommended


Gleam is a clever little service that allows you to gamify marketing. It’s for running competitions & promotions turnkey & can be customized for any action that you want your users to take. Want to get reviews on your podcast? Get follows on Youtube? Get more listeners on Spotify? Gleam can do all of that and more. It does lead generation, list building, drawings…the list goes on. It’s not cheap, but it SUPER powerful and there is nothing else on the market quite like it.


Over 80% of videos on social media are played on mute. Without subtitles, you’re just a floating head with your mouth moving. Zubtitle automatically adds subtitles to any video. Their speech recognition engine is spot-on and makes adding subtitles to your videos super easy and automatic - no video editing required. Zubtitle has saved us about 5 million hours of manual subtitling. I love this service! If you’re not adding subtitles to your videos yet - you should sign up for this right now! 


Need a website? Use Wix. There are about 8 million website builders out there, and most of them are terrible (trust us, we’ve used them all). Wix is the easiest to use, easiest to customize and if you want something that is as easy as possible, Wix is it. Setting up domains, customizing meta-data, even getting your G-suite email set up, Wix will do it all for you. The only downside of Wix is that they don’t play nice with any other services as they want you to stay in their eco-system. I don’t recommend using their marketing tools (their email tool is very basic for instance). But if you want the easiest way to build a website, Wix is the one to use.


Wix vs. Squarespace is really a matter of personal preference. If you don’t want to use Wix, use Squarespace - the only other website builder we recommend if you are making your website yourself. (If you’re paying someone else to make your site, Wordpress is the way to go). Squarespace is more of a templated tool - you can’t really stray too far from their templates. I find the editing interface to be more cumbersome and annoying to use than Wix. This website is built on Showit, but for many years we used Wix. Both are good - if you want total control over your design: use Wix. If you’re good with their templates: use Squarespace.


Samcart is the best checkout creation tool. Period. Although plenty of services include a shopping cart built in, Samcart is super customizable and works incredibly well. When you control the checkout experience completely, you’ll usually get better results. You can even create mini websites with checkout carts built into them. Samcart also has an affiliate tracking program built in which is awesome (standalone affiliate trackers cost hundreds of dollars a month). We use Samcart for everything we sell. Samcart is a marketers dream, and if you sell online courses, or anything at all really, Samcart is well worth the money.


Promo is a video editor for people that aren’t video editors. It’s like Canva for video. With tons of templates, Promo makes creating ads and promotional content super fast and easy. You can quickly add text, animations and splice together video all on their online interface. They have a huge stock footage library. The videos look like they took serious time and money to make (but they didn’t). 

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Typeform is great for collecting information. It’s also free to use! Their interface make your completion % go way up and you can use it for surveys, applications, information collection and more. The interface is really easy to use, and it’s just generally an amazing product.

Tonic Site Shop

Our go to site for the most professional, sleek and high converting website templates. You can redesign your whole site, or simply buy a sales page, and other awesome templates that will up-level your aesthetic. 


Record quick videos of your screen and cam. An essential tool for hybrid workplaces. We prefer Loom when we are prerecording course content and sharing design and sales page feedback with our clients


Developed by Intuit, QuickBooks is an accounting software whose products provide desktop and online accounting applications as well as cloud-based ones which can process bills and business payments

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