The Mavericks of Entrepreneurship

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If your business pays you, or in most cases, pays everyone else but you, you are most definitely an entrepreneur.  The financial risk… well it’s in the definition. 

My first mentor gave me this advice when I was taking the leap from a full-time employee with benefits and a solid 401k into the world of entrepreneurship:

She told me it will come in waves. In some seasons there will be tons of work, revenue, and leads and others will be quiet and slow. My greatest challenge would be learning to ride the waves. 

I have had $20k days and 0$ weeks.

This year though, I experienced the mavericks of entrepreneurship. 

My business went broke when I was 7 months pregnant.

I was too sick from my pregnancy to do strategy calls and after a few slower months and some big loan payments due, we ran out of money. 

Just like that.

I had to temporarily lay off my team,  borrow money from my family,  and make some huge pivots.

It took some time, but our pivots worked. My team stayed by my side and we hit all of our 2022 goals and then some. 

We’ve had our best year to date. 💸💸💸

Just a reminder: this time of year is naturally slower in the online marketing space. We are competing to reach our audiences with some of the biggest brands with unlimited advertising dollars.

So if you want to play this time of year, know that your ads will be less effective and your audiences will be more expensive, but that doesn’t mean we don’t play the game.

This time of year I try and slow down too. I use this as an opportunity to catch my breath, regroup with my team, prep for 2023, reflect on our wins, our lessons, and our waves of the past year.

Sending you and your business love during this season, 



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