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Witchy Business





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I felt it too. It's a new world. One where authenticity wins, women support women, energy is currency, and success is inevitable. 

It's time to step into sacred union with our business, and allow our higher selves to lead the way. This is a container dedicated to the evolution of witches in business. And if you're here, that means this program is dedicated to you. It's time to lean in to abundance, to opportunity, to expansion, and to self-love. 

Each month we will focus on one of the the 4 elements of witchy business: body, mind, spirit & business. We will meet to workshop and discuss a monthly intention. We will be joined by special guest lecturers who are experts in their field to help us learn, expand, and deepen our understanding of ourselves and our business. In addition to our private community, I will share journal prompts, meditations, resources for your business, and playlists to help you connect deeper to your power and  to one another. 

This container is so sacred to me and something I have been dreaming up for a long time... and the time is now. The portal is open. 

Join me. 

So you felt the shift & are ready to step into the new paradigm of business, of the feminine & of the future... same.

Founder of authentic audience 
marketing expert, launch strategist, witchy woman

I created this container for you. 
May you feel safe here.
My you feel held here.
May you find refuge in this virtual space.
May you find community & friendships. 
May you find your authentic voice. 
May you find abundance, growth and freedom.

You are not alone.

welcome home 

"Working with Krista has been vital to my business's growth. Her teachings have helped me to forge a path and connection between my businesses and my spirituality – which had been missing for quite some time. I now have the tools to not only achieve my financial goals, but to listen to my higher self which guides me to create more authentic business offerings."

- thea wayne,

For years, I have been infusing my business strategies with my spiritual practice. In addition to digital marketing, launch campaigns, and business coaching, I practice reiki, meditate daily, and have a deep and meaningful spiritual practice. This new paradigm of business is asking us to sooth our nervous systems, quiet our egos, and bring more intention and energy into our work. 

A Space To Nourish Your Body, Mind, Spirt & Biz



Live Call Details

Call 1: jan 17th at 4pm pST 

Call 2: FEB 21 at 4pm pST 

Call 3: march 14 at 4pm pST 

CAll 4: april 18 at 4PM PST

Call 5: may 16 at 4pm PST

Call 6: june 20 at 4pm PST

Special Guests include: Allison Eaton, Stacey Engle, Ocean Pleasant, Emory Hall and more! 

all calls will be recorded & uploaded to our online portal.

If you can't join us live you can email us or ask us any questions in the private community thread. 

live calls will include a collective reading, workshop with krista, guest speaker, and group sharing

Call 8: aug 15 at 4pm pST 

Call 7: july 18 at 4pm pST 

Call 9: sept 12 at 4pm pST 

CAll 10: oct 17 at 4PM PST

Call 11: nov 14 at 4pm PST

Call 12: Dec 19 at 4pm PST

When your energy is in alignment with the energy of your business, everything is possible. 

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We are honored to support LGBTQ owned businesses and Black owned businesses.
Scholarship opportunities are available. Send us an email to inquire!

SoothE your body
quiet your mind
deepen your spirituality
grow your business