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Christa Q

I believe that marketing yourself and business should be sourced from your truth.
It’s in that space where your magic lies.

My professional career began in NYC in 2014 at one of the world’s largest marketing agencies, where I worked with big-name clients and learned how to operate efficiently in the business world. Over the last 8 years, I expanded my portfolio across many different account sizes, verticals, and marketing platforms. Now, I serve as an authentic marketing expert helping conscious entrepreneurs grow their business through done-for-you services, courses, and strategy sessions. 

authentic ads

+ A 1 hour Zoom meeting with Christa Q
+ An audit of your current ad campaign strategy & creative
+ Identify areas of opportunity & recommended optimizations for the most successful use of your spend
+ A follow up report with key optimization and any tutorial videos to support your campaigns. 


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+ A built-for-you, customized Notion Workspace for your business inclusive of:
  • Business Essential Operations Tools
  • A dynamically-built project and task management system based on your needs
  • Client Management Dashboard
  • All-Company Home Dashboard
and any other dashboards needs specific to your business!

+ A 15 minute consultation call to outline the specifics of your hub
+ A 30 minute onboarding Zoom call with Christa Q to onboard your new workspace.

Pricing starts at $997


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flodesk migration

+ A complete migration of your contacts from your current platform to Flodesk
+ Includes segmentation of your current audience
+ Set-up of your Welcome Sequence automation flow
+ Includes graphic creation to visually up-level your emails

Pricing starts at $2500


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- Christa