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Katy Annulli

My mission is to share the tools and expertise I have gained to empower others to declutter their spaces and minds so that we can all live more fully.

As an entrepreneur, it is hard to make time for the operations side of your business. But it is essential! When I started my business, I was hustling, doing odd jobs to supplement my income while I was building connections and my business. I was focused on surviving. 

I love sharing the skills I have learned with others!Let's get your business organized, streamlined, and working for you.I am excited to help your business thrive!

calm the chaos:
personalized biz strategy

✓ Feel clear on your business systems and workflows
✓ Standardize your templates & emails
✓ Create automations to reclaim your time
✓ Gain confidence in understanding your finances
Get your business organized!

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let's work together to

your strategy includes:

Pre-Call Research

Based on your business info, I will go on your customer journey via your website & socials and come to our call prepped with feedback.

Call 01

✓ Review + document your customer journeys in detail. 
✓ Evaluate + determine how you can improve your internal work flows.

Call 02

✓ Review your budget + financial forecasting. 
✓ ​Take a look at your bookkeeping system.
✓ Discuss how you manage your to-do list + calendar.​

Business Strategy

After each call, you will receive a recap and strategy for going forward. 
You will also get access to my favorite tools + resources. 

small business

+ 30-minute intake call & custom proposal based on your needs
+ 1-hour set up call
+ QuickBooks set up - includes set up of chart of accounts, customer list, vendor list, and products & services list
+ Reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts (think to balance a checkbook)
+ 1-hour Quickbooks tutorial call
+ A monthly & weekly task list to keep your Quickbooks up to date
+ 1-hour call to create a customized receipt tracking process
+ 1-hour follow up call 
+ Access to me via email for the time we work together
Pricing starts at $1,000 


let's get started

in our sessions you'll:

Find the Right Plan

Determine which Quickbooks plan is right for you

Define Your Bookeeping Needs 

Get confident with

Updating bank & credit card accounts and categorizing the transactions
Reconciling all accounts

Learn how to

✓ Attach receipts to transactions
✓ Add new customer, vendors, products & services​
✓ Create invoices & record payments
Run financial reports

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- Katy